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Well animated, you displayed your idea rather well. I also have this funny feeling you might be another poor unfortunate victim of Dark Souls. Kudos, man!

gildedguy responds:

Thanks! And you're right about that funny feeling...Smough kicked my butt.

It was great at the start, but I really hate loops that go on forever. You're waiting for the viewer to realize it's a loop. I would have found it more funny to see one of his friends comment on Joe's ego or say, "Now there's a news channel full of deja vu," or "If you've seen 30 seconds of it, you've seen it all." Nice animation though. I normally enjoy your animations, so I was slightly disappointed on this one.

You seriously went there? Criticising the advertisements I see on just about every site? Good job, someone had to say it. I don't believe every F2P MMORPG is like this, however, I believe there are far too many that suggestively declare they have "the goods" and deliver...neither what they promised nor even a decent game. Thank you for bringing learning and awareness to the community. I wish to ask for a boycott of all games that promise so much but are just lame, repetitive, "beat-that-dead-horse" 2D browser-based games. Wake up, people, they want your money, and they don't want it enough to go through the effort to make a worth-while game. Are they worth your time or your money? I'll let you answer that question.

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It was good before...

I'm giving it the rating for how it used to play. Any chance you can just re-upload the old version of the game? It worked great before.

Better than the original

I remember the original game, this is more fun. Instead of shooting a single shot, manipulating your opponents attacks makes it all the more interesting.


Just want to point out that the banana shire is famous for its coconuts and so is the kingdom of coconut. Don't know if that was intentional, but I thought I'd point it out.

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